A Glimmer of Hope: Democratic Socialists of America and the Growing Resistance.

It’s readily apparent that we’re living in a dark moment of human history. We live in a political system atrophying at the seams under the command of the far right, with circumstances changing based on the whims of a megalomaniacal game show host with an inferiority complex. His closest advisors are a wannabe Joseph Goebbels that looks like they just snorted cocaine and his doofus son-in-law. Millions of people could lose their healthcare within the next year, and the planet continues to warm as we dismantle every group able to monitor it.

In short, it really sucks to exist right now. However, if you look hard and long enough, you’ll see some light attempting to pierce through the darkness. The Women’s March was a beautiful example of the growing resistance to Trump’s presidency, along with the collaboration with lawyers and legal experts during the travel ban crisis. 

Another example of this rising insurgency is the explosive growth of Democratic Socialists of America. Around since 1982, the group started getting bigger around the time of Bernie Sanders’ run for the Democratic nomination. Sanders being able to somewhat rehabilitate the term “socialism” for a whole new generation of young people brought a lot of people farther to the left than they would have otherwise.

It was after the election of Trump that DSA started its rapid expansion in membership, having tripled in membership over the past year to a total 19,000 dues paying members. DSA is close to having chapters and organizing committees in all 50 states, and they’re currently (successfully) working to get DSA member Khalid Kamau onto the city council of South Fulton, Georgia.

Groups like DSA and events like the Women’s March and the upcoming general strike on May Day represent something beautiful: a left that isn’t wallowing in defeat in the United States, but is instead using this horror to organize and come together. A new generation rejecting both the hardline nationalism of Trump and the false promises of Clintonian neoliberalism to fight for a better society and a better future.

Some might say that this poses a threat, saying that by turning their backs on the Democratic Party, they’re dooming the country to Republican rule. I think that’s the Democratic party’s problem, not ours. They ignore this new generation at their own peril. For now, the struggle carries on, and we fight for a more prosperous future. With comrades like this, things seem just a little bit brighter.


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