The Drums Are Sounding Again.

Syria is one of the great tragedies of the 21st century. What began as a result of the Arab Spring that challenged the might of dictators across the Middle East has devolved into a complete and utter theater of cruelty, with death and destruction as common as a warm breeze.

Now this recent gas attack has brought about the possibility of something even more horrible: United States involvement.

Donald Trump made a speech this week condemning the attack and Rex Tillerson called for a US led coalition to depose Assad. Once again the United States seems poised to once again go on a regime changing mission in the Middle East. Then last night Trump launched an attack against Syrian government forces with Tomahawk missiles and navy forces.

I could go for the cliche question asking motif of some writers, saying something to the effect of “have we learned nothing from Iraq? Or Afghanistan?”; of course the answer is obvious, that we haven’t learned a single thing.

This was plainly obvious from the way the media reacted to Trump’s speech. The same lanyard-bearing relics cheering on that orange disgrace in his calls for war. Some even went to call him “Presidential” for this. The man that publically talked about the size of his penis is suddenly “Presidential” because he intimates that he’s going to bomb Syria.

Now he’s done it. Are they happy now? Does all that praise and “maybe he’s learning” apologia sit delicately in your collective throats now? Did you really not think a man this vain and praise-hungry wouldn’t see this good press you gave him and not run with it?

And what did the Democrats do? What was the response of our wise and diligent #resistance against this act? Well obviously it was for Chuck Schumer and Nacy Pelosi to applaud the President, which they did. Way to go Dems on being about as useful as a burlap sack in a sword fight.

Trump’s post-bombing speech was disgusting. Sitting in his gaudy overpriced golf hut dangling the corpses of dead children in front of the microphone to justify his actions. He doesn’t care about those children, and he never will. He wouldn’t let them escape the hellhole their country has become and seek asylum here, but he’s more than happy to start bombing runs there. Boxing them in like quails as he launches missiles from his golden palace like some kind of cyber-dystopian Roman emperor.

It should go without saying, but Assad is a bloodthirsty monster that should be ousted from power. Use of chemical weapons is never justifiable under any circumstance. However, this is not our fight. It never was, and it shouldn’t be. Iraq should have been a lesson to everyone going into government that regime change through military intervention is foolhardy at best and nightmarish at worst, unless there is a genocide occurring.

This may not start another major war, yet we should never forget the media Quislings who so willingly applauded this action and would do it again in different circumstances. Never forget that, more than likely, this action will achieve the one result Trump truly wanted out of all this:

To boost his approval ratings.


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