A Vision of Our Future


I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across this picture. Like many people, my first thought upon seeing this was “There is no way this is real, surely someone made this up”. To my surprise, it was 100% legitimate. It was a shot taken on a golf course in Oregon, where a large wildfire has raged across part of the state, devouring thousands of acres of land. It’s part of a trend, the fire season in places like Oregon and California is getting longer and longer with even more intense fires than previously recorded. At first, it’s just an interesting, mildly funny picture; a couple of guys playing golf across from a massive fire, nothing to write home about. Continue reading


Kamala Harris Supports Medicare for All…For Now.

In a surprising turn of events this week, Senator Kamala Harris, the newly decided shining light for the centrist wing of the Democratic Party, has announced she will co-sponsor upcoming legislation from Bernie Sanders creating a Medicare for All healthcare system. This comes as a change of pace, considering that Harris has in the past expressed reservations about implementing a MFA system; now she’s going as far as to describe it as “morally and ethically right”. So what happened?  Continue reading

The Contemptuously Vile Cowardice of Donald Trump

Right now, as I write this, a devastating hurricane is punishing the coast of Texas. Hurricane Harvey, now a Category 4 hurricane, is ever so slowly slouching across the shore towards the Lone Star State, bringing with it up to 30 inches of rainfall and 130 mph winds. Folks have evacuated by the thousands, and those unable to evacuate are fortifying their homes and keeping their loved ones close as they await the full destructive power that our planet is capable of. Whatever way you slice it, this is going to be a horrifying event, sure to lead to many deaths and mass flooding, destroying homes and businesses alike. Continue reading

Steve Bannon’s Ousting Won’t Change Anything.

Bannon has sort of become a load bearing symbol for the alt-right movement in the United States; given that he was one of the founders of the website Breitbart, was one of Donald Trump’s key campaign advisers, and was one of the longest lasting members of Trump’s original inner circle once he entered the White House. However, as with many people who thought that Trump would reward loyalty, he was sorely mistaken when he was ousted from his job in the administration today. Facing criticism from all sides because of his repugnant response to the horrific events of Charlottesville and Bannon’s random phone interview that seemed to undermine some of Trump’s policy positions, it was definitely a move that seems designed to show the public that changes are being made.

At the same time, this won’t be changing anything. Continue reading

No More.

During the day Saturday, I was taking care of some dogs of a family friend. I knew there was a major fascist march in Charlottesville that day, and that some of my comrades would be down there protesting against them, so I was worried about their safety.

Even though they were able to make it back safe and sound that day, my heart still shattered. At first I thought it was just a rumor, some despicable troglodyte trying to stir up drama online claiming something horrible happened just to get attention. Then I saw the video footage. Just seeing the kind of horror that one disgusting gargoyle, who’s name I will never speak or write here, was able to inflict upon 20 people made me want to throw up. I cried when I learned that Heather Heyer, one of the antifascist protesters, died because of the attack.

This should be the final straw for the country. It certainly is for me. After this, I do not want to hear a single lecture about how important it is to defend the free speech rights of Nazis. I don’t want to hear anyone else ever talking about how Muslim extremists are the biggest danger to the country, when white supremacists and Nazis have killed more people in this country than they have.

I especially don’t want to hear the tired old cliche of “both sides” anymore. When one side mostly gets in trouble for smashing a Starbucks window occasionally while the other is running over people in a car, they’re not equally bad. The Left is the only group out there putting themselves on the line opposing these people. They consistently stand up and defend their communities from people whose entire ideology revolves around the creation of an ethnocentric dictatorship through genocide. On top of that, they deal with police departments much more eager to spray them with pepper spray and tear gas canisters than they are to contain the fascists in any aspect.

Nazism isn’t “just another opinion”, as many people would have you believe. When you accept the core tenets of Nazism, you take on it’s call to genocide. It’s central to the whole ideology. It cannot be divorced from it. We cannot afford to ignore them anymore. To pretend they aren’t there is to stand idly by while the next attack happens. They must be faced head on.

We Can’t All Just Get Along: On “Dominance Politics” and Calls for Courtesy

Every once and a while an article comes along that just strikes the right nerve; one that makes everyone that reads it have some sort of visceral reaction, whether that reaction is to celebrate it’s existence and the truth it tells, or to scorn the very person that wrote it and their parents for creating them.

Jeet Heer’s recent article is not one of those articles. Generally, it’s just bad.

Heer’s article is framed around the podcast Chapo Trap House, more specifically the phrase used by Will Menaker: “bend the knee to us”. In context, Menaker is referring to the centrists and liberals currently at the head of the Democratic Party, commanding us on the left from on high to put aside our distrust of them and unite to defeat the obvious threat of the GOP and Donald Trump even though their methods and ideas on how to fight back the darkness have obviously and humiliatingly failed to the detriment of us all.

Heer’s all-too-brief moment of clarity in the article is him pointing out that the quote, taken out of context, has been used by people critical of CTH and their ideas in order to smear the entirety of the Left that is hostile to the established order in American politics. Yet, Heer goes on to excoriate CTH and those who think like them of impropriety, that by openly mocking the liberal elite and their tactics we on the Left prevent ourselves from gaining allies and convincing people of our ideas. The old “attracting more flies with honey than vinegar” canard.

I can’t buy this for even a second. Neither should anyone else. Think about what has transpired the past two years. We have a candidate in Bernie Sanders that, despite his obvious flaws in foreign policy, had really great ideas, the ability to get young people excited and enthused by a campaign, and was polling better against every Republican candidate than Hillary Clinton was during the primary. Cue the behind the scenes rigging of the primary for Clinton by the Democratic party establishment, media hitpieces calling Sanders an idealistic old doddard at best and a malicious , and Sanders eventual defeat due to a horrible super-delegate system that needs to die a quick death.

Did the Democratic Party establishment follow Heer’s advice and come to the Sanders contingent of the party in kindness and compassion to convince us to get behind Hillary? You already know the answer; we were presented with insults, condescension, smugness, and browbeating, screaming at the top of their lungs that the only path to heaven was through them, that the only way to stop Donald Trump was to get behind the out-of-touch former Secretary of Drone Strikes who made use of prison labor while in the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

Then the impossible happened, and the senile racist gameshow host won the Presidency, defeating the supposedly “most qualified person to ever run”. People were rightly shocked, confused, despondent even. What happened after the initial terror? They decided that this defeat was everyone else’s fault but them. It was the fault of Berniebros. It was the fault of Stein voters. It was the fault of Johnson voters. It was the fault of the media that didn’t challenge Trump enough. It couldn’t possibly be the fault of their awful unpopular candidate who has since the election become more unpopular in the polls than the complete baying moron currently occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. On top of it all, when the Left asks for even a single proposal to be on the table in 2018 and 2020 like single payer healthcare, they tell us to stay out of their way as they put forward unelectable laboratory experiments like Jon Ossoff.

So no Jeet, I’m not going to play nice with the elite that would rather see this country drown in a sea of boiling water amidst a totalitarian state than even move slightly to the Left. Individual people who aren’t in the leadership of these institutions however, can absolutely be reasoned with without resorting to insults. Discourse can be instructive and possibly convincing to the average centrist or liberal. Not to the elite institution leaders though. They have vested interests in never changing. There is delicious donor money to rake in. There are elbows of the Wall Street aristocracy to rub at expensive fundraising dinners and parties, sometimes those elbows belong to your Republican colleagues. Who cares to the proles who wallow without livable wages or affordable housing or even the bare concept of health insurance?

We’ll be fine.

No matter what happens, we’ll be fine.

So please excuse me if I have an unkind word to say about Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Jonathan Chait, or the rest of the establishment Dems. After all, they’ll be just fine.