Killing Ourselves For Money: Trump’s Destruction of Climate Policy

It’s not been a good week for Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States. He’s dropped to 36% approval in the latest ratings, his party’s healthcare plan exploded and then caught fire after it was pulled from the House before voting could begin, and having people laugh in Steve Bannon’s face when he told them they needed to vote on aforementioned bill.

Yet somehow Trump found a way to make a feel-good moment disappear immediately. Continue reading

A Glimmer of Hope: Democratic Socialists of America and the Growing Resistance.

It’s readily apparent that we’re living in a dark moment of human history. We live in a political system atrophying at the seams under the command of the far right, with circumstances changing based on the whims of a megalomaniacal game show host with an inferiority complex. His closest advisors are a wannabe Joseph Goebbels that looks like they just snorted cocaine and his doofus son-in-law. Millions of people could lose their healthcare within the next year, and the planet continues to warm as we dismantle every group able to monitor it.

In short, it really sucks to exist right now. However, if you look hard and long enough, you’ll see some light attempting to pierce through the darkness. The Women’s March was a beautiful example of the growing resistance to Trump’s presidency, along with the collaboration with lawyers and legal experts during the travel ban crisis.  Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Bill is a Nightmare Made Manifest

After almost a decade of decrying the Affordable Care Act as the worst thing to hit hospitals since polio, Paul Ryan and the GOP finally unfurled their replacement bill. Of course, Obamacare was a bad plan; it did a terrible job of covering people and was centered around forcing people to participate in a market even if they couldn’t afford the care, all without providing a public option that was more affordable. It was a bill born out of the Obama administration’s masochistic need to gather a bipartisan consensus, even when the other side you want to work with absolutely hates your guts; the essence of weak-tea liberalism that runs like a cancer through the Democratic party.

One of course would suspect that the majority of the new bill would be more libertarian nonsense, dropping regulations and kicking the poor out into the cold once again. Yet, I can unequivocally say that this new bill is absolutely worse than anything within the Affordable Care Act; it’s a Randian horrorshow which feeds the poor into a woodchipper while giving more and more money to healthcare executives.

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The Democrats Refuse To Learn

Last week, the DNC had one chance; one final chance to prove that they want to engage with the left wing of their party after the catastrophic loss of Hillary Clinton  in the 2016 election. This was their chance to prove that they learned from the mistakes made during the campaign and move forward with a brand new vision for the country.

Of course, they absolutely blew it. Continue reading

Screaming At A Wall

It’s a scene as old as time; the sweating, nervous politician trying desperately to answer the questions of an angry mass of voters. The mob gets more angry as the politician vacillates and tries to dance around the question until, finally, they come up with some excuse or other to leave the room amidst boo’s and denunciations from the crowd.

Now this image has been brought back to life, as angry voters in GOP controlled states, concerned about the future of healthcare in a post-Obamacare world, are descending upon town halls held by GOP Representatives and Senators. Videos are spreading across social media of figures like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Jason Chaffetz, and Senator Tom Cotton surrounded by angry voters. Continue reading

The GOP Will Never Impeach Trump

The first month and a half of 2017 has felt like some kind of bizarre, horrible version of Christmas; every morning I wake up, and I dread going on Twitter or Facebook to see what latest inanity the new administration has enacted today. Each week has brought new evils: the failed (for now) Muslim ban, the muzzling of the EPA and other federal agencies, the “two regulations gone for every new regulation” executive order, having a national security pow-wow with the Prime Minister of Japan in the middle of Mar-A-Lago’s dining room, and even the failed raid in Yemen.

Each day brings something worse than the last. However, recent events have given people a glimmer of hope.

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