Fantasia of Power: The West Wing, House of Cards, and the Entrenchment of Ideology.

In the newly released season of Netflix’s hit show House of Cards, the character of Tom Hammerschmidt, a hard-nosed reporter working at the in-universe stand-in of the Washington Post, says of President Frank Underwood “He has no ideology, no North Star”. This is in the middle of his massive investigation into the backhanded dealings and possible murders committed by the President or his staffers. Of course, said dealings and murders have been the main narrative thrust and draw of House of Cards ever since it began its run back in 2013. However, ask someone who considers themselves “into politics” in some sort of measure, and they’ll tell you that they like the show because of the supposed “truth” it provides in it’s cynical portrayal of American politics as a shark tank of backbiting politicians and thieves.

However, this is only the image that the show wants you to see. Continue reading

The Never-Ending Trump Circus Hits a Nerve

Lewis Black used to have a line in his Bush-era routine about how he would have difficulty trying to make relevant jokes about current events because something new and bizarre would prop up every other day. One day the administration would talk about immigration, the next it’s about Iran, and after that it’s about education. It’s hard to really think clearly about what’s happening around you if the main topic of discussion keeps changing every five minutes.

That same sort of confusing milieu has returned once again, only this time it’s been given a horse pill full of adrenaline and sent out on stage without pants on. Continue reading

AHCA Passes House With the Help of Monsters

The Republican Party has taken it’s first crucial step to killing thousands of Americans so that some rich people can get a tax cut.

Now that may seem hyperbolic on first glance, but rest assured that it is completely accurate. Yesterday the House GOP passed the American Healthcare Act by a margin of 217-213, and it now makes its way to the Senate. When I say this bill will kill thousands, I’m making a very conservative estimate in doing so. Continue reading

Papers Please: New Texas Law is Fascistic, Morally Wrong, and Only the Beginning.

What’s old has become new again.

Over the past few days, the Texas legislature was debating a bill designed to punish sanctuary cities within the state and college campus police that don’t follow along as well. Typical sort of reactionary legislation that has become commonplace in the country now. However, things took a turn for the worse when an amendment was added to the bill by Matt Schaefer, Continue reading

Shattering Revelations: The New Clinton Campaign Diary Is Horrifyingly Illuminating.

The “campaign diary” is a mainstay of American electoral politics. From the classic Hunter S. Thompson book “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail” to the infamous “Game Change”, they serve an important role in the documentation of American political history. Of course, with the Absolute Nightmare Circus from the Seventh Circle of Hades that was the 2016 Presidential election, it was no surprise that there would be an hefty hoard of books covering the events of the most bizarre Presidential election in recent history. Everybody from New York Times columnists to living goblin Roger Stone have written their accounts of just what the hell happened during those fatal months leading up to November. Even Clinton herself is due to release a memoir this year that will surely include some kind of scrubbed and curated take on the election she ended up choking in. Continue reading

Dem Leadership Does Nothing And Loses A Winnable Seat 

While the world was terrified of the potential for escalation of the Syrian conflict due to Trump’s strike, something interesting was happening in Kansas. A special election was being held to fill Mike Pompeo’s seat after his nomination to head the CIA. The expectation of the mainstream press was that the Republican candidate would steamroll the Democratic candidate and that would be that.

While the Republican candidate Ron Estes won the seat, Continue reading

The Drums Are Sounding Again.

Syria is one of the great tragedies of the 21st century. What began as a result of the Arab Spring that challenged the might of dictators across the Middle East has devolved into a complete and utter theater of cruelty, with death and destruction as common as a warm breeze.

Now this recent gas attack has brought about the possibility of something even more horrible: United States involvement. Continue reading